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Spring greens

Well, the scarf that I made is all complete and up for sale. I like the extra little bit of fulling I gave it. It’s helped make it a lovely, soft scarf and makes it feel a little like those thin lambs wool scarves you can buy in the shops that are fulled fully.

I had to re-tie the knots and trim the fringe because in the fulling process the ends of the knots became untidy.

I’ve been kept off the loom this past week or so. Work has been busy and the house needed some time spent on it. This weekend has been one of painting the living room. Furniture arrives in three weeks and we still have to get the guy in to sand and finish it.

Did I tell you that we pulled back the carpet to find wood parquet flooring.

It was a real pain getting the carpet grippers up. Some of the fingers of wood came loose, but will need a quick glue back down and be good. The floor is original to the house and is laid on a thin layer of bitumen, typical for the age of the house and before the modern glues came into use.

As to the painting, the room had this meh! colour on the walls. I guess it’s a pale lavender or something. Just not nice as an overall wall paint.

You can see the new on the edge here. I’ve gone for a Barley White which is fine for now. I’ll no doubt reach for the brush again at some point. 😆 Unfortunately , as I got round this corner, I found that we have a tiny leak from the shower above and it lifted the paint. Of course it is never a small patch; just kept expanding until I reached non lifted paint. It was literally coming off in strips without effort.

So now I will have to sand and fill to blend in the edges, after I’ve resolved the leak situation. I am sure we can’t buy a house and not have a leaky shower. Same happened in the last one we purchased!

Instead of weaving, I’ve been crocheting in front of the TV. I decided to use up some stash and have made a scarf in this chunky chenille type yarn from Sirdar.

I have fears it might be a shedder though ☹️ so we will see when I finish it. But it is a nice soft and squishy scarf.

Too much to do today, so I really must move my ass! Walls to paint for the second coat, lawn to mow and cars to wash. Can I squeeze in a walk too. We shall see.

Oh, I was searching Ravelry for a quick project yesterday and came across this gorgeous design. I’m going to have to do it. But tell me; why do I always decide to do blankets at this time of the year and never when it’s on the turn to colder weather. Is anyone else like that?

Have a great day and week ahead. Remember Spring will be sprung tomorrow, finally.

14 thoughts on “Spring greens

  1. Why on earth would anybody cover up that lovely floor? I suppose you should at least be grateful they didn’t cover it up with laminate. We have that exact same parquet in our little entrance hall – with the herringbone pattern type in the living room. It’s a 1920s house and the original flooring I believe.
    We haven’t done any decorating yet because, like you, we have a few ‘issues’ with damp and condensation and I really only want to paint once.
    Lovely scarves – hopefully won’t need them for too much longer now that Spring is almost sprung.

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    1. With natural fibres they expand in the wash. In weaving it helps the fibres move and lock together. So, what appears as an open mesh on the loom, closes up to a typical fabric. If in the wash as they rub against itself and you go to far then you would be felting.

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  2. wow, love your scarf!
    And that floor is AMAZING, great you had a look underneath the carpet, it will be gorgeous!
    The chenille is such a deep, rich colour, really looking forward to seeing the FO – have a great week!

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