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I’m still here!

My apologies for not posting much lately. It’s been busy with work, then in the evenings I’ve either been doing a bit of weaving, work on the house or just late finishing.

Then at the weekends work on the house, trying to get well lit photos of my weaving (not easy in the rainy days of winter) and prepping for the Random Acts of Kindness Market and posts on IG.

And then, I’ve gone and signed up for another this weekend #postablepopup on IG. This meant more prep work and getting some semblance of a physical stall together to showcase my makes.

So, by the time it comes to nighttime I am exhausted.

I started a new scarf last weekend, which I managed to finish today in between doing my bit to promote mine and other makers work for the market. There is some lovely gifts in the market. It’s on until 10pm.

I’ve used these colours before, so it’s good to clear space in the stash.

I started out planning to do a plaid again. But I got about a block and a half in and just wasn’t feeling it. So, I unpicked back to my first inch of plain weave and started again, this time in clasped weft.

I felt more content with this and opted to do a bit of crazy clasped and then a bit of order using the original warp dark lines for the ordered sections.

It’s now off the loom, twisted fringed, bathed and drying. I gave it more fulling and agitation as I wanted it to fluff up more, I think it’s come out ok. It’s easier to go too far with wool and end opus with felt.

On to other items. I started to make some hair bands with more stashbusting and crochet. I found a pattern online on IG and gave it a go. Turned out fine but the yarn is quite chunky on the first two blues. But the white turned out fine.

I then tried making them with Moss stitch (I think) and prefer these.

The top one is the original pattern and the lower one the new version.
And a pink one.

So, that kind of brings you up to date. But more to come this weekend.

8 thoughts on “I’m still here!

  1. You sound busy – blpgging can always wait, it shouldn’t feel like a chore.
    I wish I’d read this yesterday as I meant to have a look at the Random Acts of Kindness event but hadn’t made a note of the date when you mentioned it last time. Never mind – there’s always next year.

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  2. The clasped weft creates an interesting effect; an opportunity for greater creativity perhaps. I like the headbands and wonder if they stretch too much over time. The way they twist is interesting too as it is not how I would have done it.

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  3. wow, what eye candy! I really like your scarf, and actually I am partial to the crocheted headbands as compared to the other ones – but all lovely!
    Happy crafting, and good luck with your market!

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