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Sewing notion

The weekend came and went so quickly. After having carpet put down in a couple of rooms, tidying up after that (what a mess) then having to sort a door which was then too tall to fit anymore, there wasn’t much left in the weekend for craft.

So, no weaving. But I did get the sewing machine out and use up some fabric I’ve been meaning to get to for a while. I decided on some pouches for some of my sewing notions, buts and bobs. I tuck all these in to a wardrobe drawer, so it can’t be a big box of stuff. Plus, sometimes I just need a couple of things.

And so here is the result.

I need to add a popper to keep it closed.

Then after lunch late afternoon, I added two more.

Plenty more fabric,so I’ll turn out some more.

I’m way behind on catching up on blogs, so my apologies if I have been absent. I just need some quiet time to sit and read with a good cup of tea and a biscuit.

My focus has been on work obviously. But also getting things together for a market in 17th. It’s called Random Acts of Kindness Virtual Market.

There are loads of lovely things to peruse, so if you have time, swing by on 17th Feb from 10 am UK time. All items across the market are under £30 and include wrapping and postage direct to the recipient of the gift.

I’m off on leave next week. Not that I can go anywhere. So I’m hoping to get a couple of projects done in craft and around the house. Fingers crossed 🤞

4 thoughts on “Sewing notion

  1. Those little envelopes are cute and useful – the best combination.
    The online fair sounds interesting – I might put it on the calendar to remind me to have a look but NOT to be tempted to buy anything. Will that even be possible?

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