Is it a scarf, or a table runner?

I’ve taken the pictures of the “scarf” and it looks fine. Nice and cheery and would brighten up any outfit.

But this could easily work as a narrow table runner too. It’s 8 inches wide and 54 inches long.

So, it works as a short scarf, although I had not intended for it to be as short as it is. My warp on the loom was 79 inches. I had about 14 inches of loom waste. Then the rest was longitudinal shrinkage in the wash/dry. It started 10 inches wide, so draw in and shrinkage was 2 inches.

As a table runner it’s a narrow one, but would be fine on a sideboard.

At the end of the day, the size and width of some table runners, they can easily be scarves and vice versa. Thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Is it a scarf, or a table runner?

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