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Oh my word, am I glad it’s the weekend. This weeks been crazy busy, but mainly with calls it I correctly should say video calls. I actually hope and try to call people on the phone so I can’t see them. Never thought that would be a thing.

Don’t get me wrong. As soon as we can travel, I’ll go to a meeting just to see people face to face. I’m just had enough of video. I am thankful that my broadband has gone rather bad recently, so I have to put the video off, otherwise my audio is slurred. And you just know that your picture has frozen for everyone else and you are there in the screen with one eye open, the other closed, some weird facial expression. You know it, you’ve all seen it on someone else.

If I have to gear or say “You’re on mute!” One more time, or have to mute someone that just doesn’t get that it’s them causing the echo or feedback. Argh!

Rant over!

On to more pleasant things. It’s the Geometric weaving course starting in Monday that I am looking forward too. I have the kit all ready to go.

Exciting! The colour set I purchased is called Spring. I have no idea what I’ll be making, and that makes it’s fun. I did think about doing it on my loom, but I figured that the chance was it would tie up the loom and stop me doing other things in between.

I also treated myself to a painting. I follow Emma Whitelock on Instagram and when I saw this picture I was hooked. Then it went into a gallery and I kept going back to it week after week. Then, one of the paintings got sold, and I thought, if I don’t buy it I could well regret it. So, it landed in my cart and a few days later, I had it on the wall.

It’s called ‘Into the Storm’ and I find it full of atmosphere. If you zoom in a little, you’ll see the little abstract figure. I need to take a better picture as the light wasn’t great and the grey wall doesn’t help. But this just is everything I love about those storms slowly spreading inland, no doubt from me spending much of my life near the coast as I grew up.

This weekend has more painting in it. I need to paint the other room because we have someone coming to sand the floors next week. No rest for the wicked. But at least the grey wall is going.

I’ll try and get something onto the loom too. Even if it’s a quick project, maybe with a chunky yarn.

Hope you have something nice planned for the weekend.

4 thoughts on “Geometric

  1. What gorgeous picture! Indeed it evoked a storm on sight, mesmerising!
    And I really like your colour palette for the weaving course, I have missed the post where you were talking of this, I’ll check it out now – I share your pain on zoom meetings!

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  2. When we first moved in we didn’t have much broadband width which was the perfect excuse for my husband not to turn the video on. Now we’re on Fibre he can’t use that excuse but only turns it on if the rest of the meeting insists. You have to be careful though don’t you? I received one of those ‘I believe you were in an accident and it wasn’t your fault’ calls on my mobile and, after I’d hung up swore a bit, not realising the husband was in a meeting and not on mute. Oops.
    That’s a lovely painting. It’s quite ‘Turner-esque’ isn’t it?

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