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New floors!

Nothing whatsoever to do with yarn, it our floors have now been sanded and finished.

Take a peek. I love how well they have come up. Here’s the lounge.

During; the left half has its first sand and fill, the right not touched.
Finished and sealed

We wish we could have replaced the missing section, but it’s solid concrete and don’t have enough pieces. The fire place is being taken out because the chimney is capped and we have a flat roof. Replacing with a smart electric mounted type. But does mean we need to have a hearth which is odd.

It’s odd to do the floor before, but trying to get a plasterer for that wall has been harder than finding hens teeth.

Here’s the dining room.

Covered in paint.
First sand and being filled to fill any gaps.
Finished and dry.

Hard to believe this was covered by carpet. It just needed some love to bring it back to this beautiful condition. Both are oak. The floor guy considered that they could be Canadian Oak. Not sure why.

Of course, now we have these lovely floors, I have purchased two rugs! But they are more decorative elements and we shall still see the floor around them. Plus, it will protect the floor from furniture such as the dining table and chairs being drawn across it. The air has been perfumed with acetone for the past two days, and I don’t plan to smell that again for a long while. So if I can protect the floor and keep it at its best, I will.

I’m looking forward to lockdown easing and getting to try out some armchairs. It’s the one type of furniture that I always want to try before buying. Rather miss a sale than rush to buy something that I haven’t touched or sat in to test for comfort.

Two days till the weekend. And some relaxation and no painting. It will be back to weaving.

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