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Friday Roundup #27-19

I was just checking which number Roundup I was writing when I realised that this is the first one on the downhill slide towards Christmas. Scary, right? My 52nd Roundup will be on the Friday after Christmas. It has now got me thinking how quickly time zips by. And if I am to make any gifts this year, I better get thinking, planning and started because before long we’ll be knocking on December’s door.

You can see it in the trees now as they slide into mid summer, the leaves turn that darker shade of green and loose the vibrant, fresh greens of spring. There are still plenty of flowers yet to burst into bloom, so it’s not over yet. Thankfully! 🙂

Anyway, enough of that. WIP progress. The Lost Garden continues to grow. Since last Friday I have completed 7 rounds with this usually before, then after work.

The Lost Garden crochet blanket work in progress.

It is satisfying to be heading towards the finish line. Just 20 or so rounds to go. I do enjoy how tactile it is. It’s almost like a crochet version of a sensory garden. You can run your hands across its surface and find different textures. I do find it a warm blanket, not overly so, which is just as well. But when the evening sun goes in and the temperature drops a little and a breeze picks up, it’s nice to drape across your legs as you work.

I’ve a number of chores to do tomorrow, so time will be limited for working on this, but I know I have a couple of rows of back and front post crochet coming up and I want to try and get through that onto the big daisy flowers.

No other projects in progress at the moment. I cannot afford to be distracted from this one as I know I can easily be sometimes. I have some ideas on Ravelry that I quite like and I know I need to get two jumpers knitted before end of the year.

I hope you are all getting on well with your own WIPs. Catch you later.

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