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Summer Sunday Stroll

On a day like this, with glorious sunshine and a light breeze, what can be better than a stroll along a coastal path. With glistening blue green sea, bright blue sky above and a skylark singing its heart out, nothing could be finer.

Apart from my mid-twenties to mid-four ties, I have generally lived close to the coast. Most of my time as a kid was spent in Devon, with the waters edge a 30 minute walk away, the sea just a short drive. Even my early working life was in a hotel overlooking the sea. This is probably why I am drawn to live near the coast now and why I prefer a stroll than a walk. The word walk always seem to suggest purpose, whereas stroll implies a relaxed, unhurried activity. It would not surprise me if I annoy others, as I am constantly stopping to look at a mass of flowers or just watch nature getting on with life. But to me, that’s part of the joy of walking in the countryside. There is always something to see and appreciate that you should stop and take it all in.

Take this little bindweed with its bright pink and white flowers. They remind me of those Strawberry and Cream sweets.

Creeping bindweed with pink and white flowers amongst wheat
A much nicer alternative to the typical bindweed

There are masses of this plant carpeting the ground and basking in the sun. These were not the only colour on the cliffs today. Along the walk, big clumps of Greater Knapweed dotted the green grass with pops of colour.

Great Knapweed atop cliffs on the Welsh Coastal path
The coastline on the horizon is North Devon

I shall leave you with one last picture of the path ahead.

A view from the cliffs towards Nash Point

I always seem to get faces in pictures I take of the cliffs. Amazing how the brain has a knack for seeing faces; part of how it works.

I hope you had a lovely weekend.

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