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Sunday WIP Update

I mentioned on my post on Friday that I would provide an update on The Lost Garden blanket progress.

I only managed 3 rounds after fitting it in between everything else weekend related. I did get to sit outside before the sun started to beat down on me. I knew if I stayed out longer, I would be bright red. But it was nice, crocheting away with a cuppa to the side. Only thing is, on the long rounds when the blanket gets larger, your tea goes cold. And you can only go to a certain temperature at which point cold tea is not nice. 😦

Anyway, 3 rounds is not a lot, but it is slow going doing alternate front and back post stitches. I more round of that and then on to some larger elements, so hopefully that will go a little faster.

It is starting to look great. Just 26 rounds to go. Depending on how much I can get get done in the next few weeks, this may be heading to France with us for a holiday.

Hope your WIPs are coming along great too. Have a great week.

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