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Friday Roundup #26-19

A bit of a garden theme to this post today. Whilst I have been working on The Lost Garden blanket, I don’t have any progress pictures to share yet. I’ll get some loaded up by the end of the weekend.

It is going well though. The last few rows on the corners, I found I needed to keep track of my counting. Twice, maybe three times, I had to rip back the row below due to one too many or one too few stitches. So, I’ve taken it slow to try and get it right and on track.

I’ve printed off the last 15 pages of the pattern. So I am ready to rock and hook tomorrow morning. If the wind has died down a bit I may get outside and enjoy the garden with my Lost Garden in my lap.

So, instead of sharing some WIP photos, I have some photos of my favourite Rose; Gertrude Jekyll. It’s such a perfect Old English Rose. Lovely full blooms, beautiful and rich pink that fades elegantly as the blooms age. And the scent is everything you expect when you think of a rose scent.

The selection below shows how the flowers form so perfectly.

I was never much of a Rose fan. When I was a kid it was mostly Hybrid Teas that you saw and I just never could get to like them much. But the Old English type I have fallen for. This one was the colour inspiration for this woven project. I gave this to my sister at Christmas.

I shall leave you with one more Rose, but I cannot recall the name.

If it’s sunny with you then enjoy the weather this weekend. If not and it’s wet, then get to those WIPs with a nice mug of tea or coffee and a cookie.

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