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Midweek WIP Wrap

Try repeating that title that fast after a glass or two :). It’s a challenge without the vino!

I admit I am not the speediest of crocheters but I’ve been busy each evening and morning sometimes, to finish the corners off on the Lost Garden blanket. I thought I was nearly done last Friday, but realised I had a few more rows to complete on each one.

And now, I am there, all bar two. It has taken me longer to get to this point. I remember reading the pattern and thinking ‘what have you let yourself in for?’ when I saw there are 90 plus rounds and all the sewing in. But I started undaunted and can see light at the end of the tunnel.

The colours are really starting to come together now it is larger and with more detail. I was concerned I hadn’t got it quite right at first. I have changed the colour order on the odd occasion to fit with what I wanted to achieve.

My error is not too visible, thankfully.

I need to keep at this so that I can finish it before mid July as we head off for holidays. I’ll want to be taking something else to do on the trip. Maybe I’ll take the Wollium yarn with me and a nice pattern for a shawl. Knit or crochet – undecided.

As to this project once finished, I am tempted to line the back with a thin fleece. Has anyone else lined their crochet before? Suggestions and things to watch out for, gratefully received.

TTFN! See you Friday.

3 thoughts on “Midweek WIP Wrap

  1. Now that I see the work nearly complete, I am a big fan of your color palette. During the initial phase of the crochet, it didn’t seem as exciting, but THis is Lovely!


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