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Friday Roundup #25-19

It’s been a fairly busy week and things are progressing with the Lost Garden blanket. I’m just one row from starting on corners.

Looking forward to getting onto the next stage. I think I shall have to move my completion date though as I am unlikely to be done by the end of the month.

I thought I would look back today on some of my really early attempts at crochet. I’m not sure what I thought but I know I knew it was not great.

This was crocheted with three strands of yarn. I don’t recall the pattern. No doubt one I found on the internet. It starts with a chain and double crochet (US), then after completing one side, you crochet along the other side of the chain. However, somewhere along one side I added some stitches, so it now has a kink and doesn’t lie straight. It is destined for frogging at some point to be used elsewhere.

This next was not so much of a problem. It came out ok. I just didn’t like the colour. I must have thought it would work well blending these two colours. I must have had a reason for using multiple yarns. But I doubt I thought about using the correct hook size for the doubled yarn.

With practice though we all improve and learn from our mistakes.

So any fledgling crochet newbies out there; keep reading the books, magazines and watching the YouTube video tutorials of which there are a multitude. You will get there, but there may be some odd results on occasion, but you shouldn’t be disheartened.

Have a great weekend.

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