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Slow Sunday

Yesterday I finished the fringe, wet finished and dried the scarf. Fringe trimmed and here we are with a lovely finished scarf. It’s not overly long, so perfect for under a coat. Unfortunately, it is a miserable day, so the light was not perfect. This came out quite well, and I like the perception of… Continue reading Slow Sunday

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Another scarf off the loom

A quick, little update on the scarf I added to the loom yesterday. All done and off the loom. Fresh warping How it comes together The first picture is before I slay the heddle again. This direct warping. Each slot has two threads of the same colour. One is usually moved to the hole next… Continue reading Another scarf off the loom

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Friday Roundup #43-20

This week, I finished off the scarf in the log cabin draft, and it looks great. It is up for sale in my shop called Gingerbread Log Cabin. I love it and would keep it for myself, but I don’t really need another scarf. I thought it would be nice to put it into context,… Continue reading Friday Roundup #43-20

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Friday Roundup #36-20

Bank Holiday Monday’s always throw my week out of whack. And it’s compounded by having a half day on Wednesday and then today a further half furlough day. That said, it does mean I have finished some items off that needed sewing. The first is the houndstooth check scarf. I had placed a hem stitch… Continue reading Friday Roundup #36-20

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Another weave

I added another warp to the loom. Using up more stash on Sunday evening, I went with clasped warp again. I started with the purples but found myself running low and I needed the Elodie for weft too. So, I raided the stash and added the light blue, then the dark blue. Then a last… Continue reading Another weave