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Slow Sunday

Yesterday I finished the fringe, wet finished and dried the scarf. Fringe trimmed and here we are with a lovely finished scarf.

It’s not overly long, so perfect for under a coat.
Unfortunately, it is a miserable day, so the light was not perfect.

This came out quite well, and I like the perception of depth provided by the black against the blue. Plus, it’s more yarn taken from stash! 😃

Today, I woke up later than normal; just before 8 am. That’s late for me when there is an old doggy that no doubt needs a wee. She still manages to go through the night. We only have the odd little accident now and then, so for 16.5 years she is doing great.

After seeing to the dog, I headed back upstairs to see to the warp I was adding to the loom, hopefully to finish what I started yesterday.

I’m doing a 3 shaft draft, so in my odd wisdom, I decided to indirect warp and measure out the yarn required. Then, add that to the loom one by one. It’s probably taken me 4 solid hours to get to this stage.

I only had a couple of crossed threads, but I sorted those as I tied on to the back beam. And I found one thread duplicate so I yanked that out. Heddles 1 and 2 are loaded. I tied off and checked the sheds; the gap the shuttle passes through. By putting both 1 and 2 in the down position I was able to check shed 3 even though I have yet to add the heddle rod.

But I needed a break an fresh air, so we ent for a walk.

Winter is definitely closing in on us. But those golden hues are lovely.

I’ll get back to the loom later.

Have a great week.

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