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Friday Roundup #45-20

So, this week has whizzed by, no doubt helped with packing things up in the evening. All my yarn is in a box ready to move to it’s new home. I say all my yarn, but I do have some in the odd cupboard. And I left some in the fabric drawers of the storage unit as I can transport those easily.

I continued to spin this week and added a light purple and yesterday and today I added a dark royal blue. I now need to combine these into one ball of 3 and then ply that on the drop spindle.

This is part way through the dark blue.

I’m not really sure how this will turn out, but we shall see. It’s my first go at this, so I am not expecting a miracle result.

Some of the singles is on the thin side and other sections are more uniform in thickness. Had I gone into this with a clear vision of what the resulting yarn will be as in 2 or 3 ply, or dk or worsted etc, it would be a set up to fail. This is practice and the finished product can be used in some piece of weaving or crochet.

My challenge is spinning whilst drawing out the wool. At the moment I am taking off a strip, thinning that out, then spinning. Once done, I pull off another, thin it and then add. I think my plan is to get the hang of the spinning part, thickness etc. Then worry about the correct way to transform the wool fibre into a yarn single.

The weaving hasn’t moved forward this week. I added some waste yarn to spread the warp and I’m not happy. While I checked the wraps per inch which suggested a 7.5 dent heddle, it feels and looks like it should be a 10 dent heddle. The wpi is in the middle, so you could go either way.

The other issue, is that the 3 heddle route for this pattern means I can’t get a tabby weave at the start.

Of course, you know what that means.

Rethreading the heddles! Yay! What joy.

But I am taking the opportunity to change it to a four heddle pattern draft. Which means I get rid of the heddle rod (which I dislike using) and use my third 10 dent heddle instead. And can do tabby properly.

My makeshift heddle block (I shared that a few weeks back) would work, but needs finessing. And I am super impatient and with the move I am just not in the mood. So I have purchased a single heddle block that I believe will work. I say believe as it’s a Kromski not an Ashford, but I read somewhere they are interchangeable. Let’s hope it’s right. Just need to drill two holes in each side of my loom. 😬

As I write this, I realised I have packed the yarn for the weft 😆 so, I’ll dig through the box. Nothing us yarn people find strange what with a stashed and squirrelled yarn across a house in boxes, cupboards and drawers.

So, tomorrow morning is plying yarn. Before more packing of boxes. So if you are lucky, you may see a near complete skein of hand spun yarn.

See ya!

2 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #45-20

  1. I am really enjoying following your spinning adventures, and I am rooting for a gorgeous three colour handspun skein when you get to it – the colours look great together!

    And also looking forward to your three heddle project and third block – I leave my third heddle floating, so I am very curious to see how you get on and whether I should consider that too (though a SampleIt is really short, and this is what I have).

    Best of luck with your move!


    1. 😊 it’s looking good. Writing the next post but just need the last picture. They’ve come out well. I think that is the challenge with the space for the extra heddle block. I don’t know the gap between the 2nd heddle and the back bar on a Sampleit. I know it’s tight on my RHL. Thanks on the move. 2 weeks to go.


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