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Another scarf off the loom

A quick, little update on the scarf I added to the loom yesterday. All done and off the loom.

Fresh warping
How it comes together

The first picture is before I slay the heddle again. This direct warping. Each slot has two threads of the same colour. One is usually moved to the hole next to the slot it is currently in. But I need one black, one red and one blue. So there was quite a bit of swapping around.

The second picture is as I pressed a weft into place, in this case a blue weft.

I really love the shadow effect the black adds to the blue as in the below image.

Just when you start to see the pattern in the colour, you lose it when you move your eyes.

I finished it this morning not long before having to head on long and essential journey for work.

I love the sound of the scissors cutting through the yarn.

It just needs a wet finish, though I’ll likely twist the fringe. I contemplated just doing a folded hem, but with it being a short scarf, I don’t want to waste any of the length.

Pictures of the finished item at the end of the week.

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