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Friday Roundup #43-20

This week, I finished off the scarf in the log cabin draft, and it looks great. It is up for sale in my shop called Gingerbread Log Cabin. I love it and would keep it for myself, but I don’t really need another scarf.

I thought it would be nice to put it into context, so I pulled out my thick, wool overcoat early and put it on Stacey. It’s a dark green so blends well with the colours and the ginger/turmeric adds a nice pop.

There may be stash diving today to see if I have any other colours I can use to make another this weekend.

I also made to cushion covers today. In between tidying the house for a rental viewing and getting out for the viewing. an odd feeling as I want to know if it was successful but it’s not my house so I am not advised.

Here are the two cushion covers. They are rather kitsch and campy, but who wouldn’t like a to cuddle up to some good looking men.

And I have to say my hemming is pretty good although you may need to zoom in to see it.

I need to do a few finishing touches but I am pleased with them.

In other news, remember I mentioned about some good things but I couldn’t share at the time. One of them I can now. Finally getting back on the property ladder after a gap of five years in rental after we sold our last house.

I am super cautious about house purchases and don’t get my hopes up until there are signatures on dotted lines!

The funny thing is that we are moving back to the same street we were in just thirteen months ago. 😆 The house is lovely, I’ll have a space for my workroom int he house, but we plan to insulate the garage and turn it into a small gym/workroom. It can’t be used for cars as the driveway to it at the back of the house is narrow and built for 1960’s cars.

The only thing is there are four bathrooms 😔 I think that’s more than enough cleaning for anyone!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

8 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #43-20

  1. I’m not even going there with the moving house business 😱 but good luck anyway.
    I love the scarf, it looks so good with the coat but that cushion fabric! It’s glorious.

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    1. Yes, yours is a big move. Hope things are going well. Thanks. Looking forward to doing another log cabin make. Still have some fabric left over but need to think if I do two more covers or something else.


  2. Beautiful scarf, looks great with that coat. Good luck with the house. My daughter put an offer in on one this week, I’m fed up with looking so relieved!

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