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Friday Roundup #36-20

Bank Holiday Monday’s always throw my week out of whack. And it’s compounded by having a half day on Wednesday and then today a further half furlough day.

That said, it does mean I have finished some items off that needed sewing.

The first is the houndstooth check scarf. I had placed a hem stitch when on the loom along the start and end because I was undecided in the direction I wanted to go; fringe or no fringe. But once off the loom and trying it on, I realised it had enough length to be simply hemmed.

What is odd, and I was just thinking as I write this post, is when I make a crochet or knitted scarf, I don’t think about adding a fringe. But because in weaving you cut from the loom and have an instant fringe (if you don’t twist it), you then have that decision to keep or not or what fringe finish you want.

To me, it’s like there is this yarn, and it pains you to cut it off and throw it away. With weaving there is the ever present waste factor you don’t have with knitting or crochet. I really should start saving waste yarn to use as stuffing for toys. But it will likely sit in a cupboard instead.

Looks just fine without a fringe.

And just a bit of information about the yarn. This is pure and undyed, organically farmed wool from Wales. They farm Wensleydale Longwool and Hill Radnors. You’ll know the sheep because they look like the have dreadlocks. I purchased four hanks a few years back at my first visit to Wonderwool Wales. The yarn is called Lustre Longwool dk in 110m/50g hanks. The colours I used are called Chocolate and Graphite. However, I don’t know if they are still going. Last posts on Instagram were last year and the website doesn’t exist. I hope they are ok. They way things are at the moment, it makes you wonder. 🤞

Today, was the turn of the cotton / bamboo poncho type outfit called a Quechquemitl Wrap. This my first clasped warp effort following Kelly Casanova excellent instructional videos, and it’s been sat on the workroom daybed waiting to be finished.

As a reminder, here it is before it’s soak, straight from the loom.

I did get a bit nervous for the silver yarn as the blue leaked dye. But after a spin and dry it has come through fine and is lovely and soft.

I still dread cutting my fabric, so I did zigzag hem the ends before doing a cut. I know the cloth should be stable, but there is a sheen to the yarn that gave me pause. Things worked out ok.

Following the sewing together instructional video from Kelly Casanova, I tried different options to connect the two pieces and settled on the second version. Then I hemmed the two together and hemmed the edges.

And here it is.

You can wear it this way…
Or this way…
Or maybe this way…
Or perhaps this way. Stick or Twist?

The last one suggests it needs another press.

There are issues, which are all down to me. It really needs a serger/over locker to hem the cut ends. Zigzag stitch just doesn’t cut the mustard. On the hems that are cut, it looks a little raggedy. I’ve spotted one for £100, second hand. Tempted to get it so I can hem some of my products more securely. Thoughts if anyone else has one? Worth the money?

I went a bit off centre when hemming which you can see on the last picture. Curses!!

So, I could put for sale as a seconds. Or maybe I won’t put it for sale, but it will find a new home at my Mum’s.

The yarn for this was Lion Brand Coboo; a cotton and bamboo blend. It is lovely and soft, drapes well and has a delicate sheen to it. Machine washable and also can go in the dryer. Win win!!

Plans for the weekend; add a warp to the loom tomorrow. Not sure what yet. Maybe another quick scarf. I have yarn for a larger project but I need to plan what I want to do.

Hope you all have a lovely crafty weekend planned.

4 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #36-20

  1. The poncho is lovely, I like a poncho. Not sure if overlooking would be any more secure TBH. 🤔 Perhaps a couple of rows of very short straight stitch?? I wish you lived nearer, you could come and experiment on my machine!

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