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Start knit, stop, rip!

Instead of adding a warp to the loom, I thought I would do something knitted. So I grabbed some yarn, Rowan Felted Tweed in a blue shade and pulled out a hat pattern. If the hat turned out well, it will go on to sale. Oh! Pattern says personal use only and can’t sell items. So, I changed the pattern, adding stitches, changing the look. And cast on.

I got about five rows in and clearly not paying attention, I went out of line on the rubbing of the brim. Purls over knits, knits over purls. I was already having misgivings with the yarn. It’s not strong. I had already earmarked it for weft only in weaving. You can pull it apart with no effort.

Anyway, I couldn’t face tinking back 20 or 30 stitches.

I pulled out the needles and ripped it back fully. The yarn will stick to being for weft.

I’ve got some soft merino in Aran weight and blue. I’ll cast that on tomorrow morning. I think it will be better.

6 thoughts on “Start knit, stop, rip!

  1. oh no, I am sorry it did not work. I have used Rowan Felted Tweed as warp: the problem I had wasn’t one of warp thread breaking, but of warp threads sticking together – I had a close sett (since I needed a balanced weave and the weft was fingering weight: it was my first project!), which made it really a slog. But I’ve seen successful projects using the felted tweed as warp, so I wouldn’t rule it out altogether.

    On selling items you crafted from a pattern: if I were a designer I don’t think I would mind (though I am not a designer!), as it would just be a way for more people to discover my designs, but such is life. I have to confess that if you hadn’t mentioned it I would never have thought it would be a problem (and I’ve just found out that if there is no explicit veto, you can indeed go ahead and sell an item made from a purchased pattern).

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    1. Wow, you were brave using it as warp on your first project. Kudos for not giving up. It will be used at some point in some way and now I know what to look out for.

      As to he pattern it’s a free one and one of the last comments asked by someone was about selling and the designer replied back saying no. It is an odd thing to me too. It’s rare to see a no to selling items. If the designer is concerned about others profiting from their work, then the pattern should be a charged for one. But if you offer it free, then a credit to the designer when selling should be sufficient.

      I’m going to continue to switch the design up and make it my own. Fingers crossed the changes I have made will work. And the different yarn is much better. Plus, I found my metal 4mm needles so big wins this morning.😀

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  2. People do say that you can’t sell items made from their patterns but I think that it has no legal validity just a question of whether you respect their wishes.

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    1. Agree with you on that. If they have said no, I wouldn’t. If it’s not mentioned I probably would. Hats are an odd thing as you could probably find a design very similar or even the same and one says no and the other says yes.


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