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Friday Roundup #37-20

Well, I cast on with another blue yarn, a soft merino. This was much better. No concerns about breaking and a nice consistent weight yarn.

I knitted now and then, so it wasn’t a fast hat.

I got to here, doing the second cross on the cables and decided it wasn’t going to work.

I already was annoyed that I had seemingly dropped a stitch and had a little hole. Or I twisted a stitch.

The cabling not looking great was the undoing really. The 2/2 cable I didn’t think through. I should have had that cross more frequently. So the result was it just looked weird.

Plus, when I tried it on, it was snug. Too snug, so that the ribbing was completely flat.

Wednesday, I redrew my planned pattern. I increased the cast on, settled on a different cable style and felt a renewed energy.

Yesterday, I ripped it back completely and cast on again with the higher count. It was late evening, so I figured I would do the next round in the morning. Stupidly, I picked it up and thought I would slip in one round at least.

I went wrong, unpicked, reknit then went Doh! I had only gone and done the first round of cabling instead of 2/2 ribbing. Stoopid!

This morning I tinked back, then dropped a stitch in the process and just ripped the cast on off the needles and started again. It’s now about an inch into the rib section. Another 3 inches to go.

That’s the old pattern showing there. Must chuck that before I do more,


A nearby village had a Scarecrow hunt at the weekend. We walked up there to have Sunday lunch at the pub. Here are two of the scarecrows. There were about 30 or so.

A mermaid with a knitted tail.
My favourite – Lockdown Mum


I started the Sloe Gin. Just a picture of the ingredients. I had 300g of Sloes, so, 150g of sugar and 70cl of Gin. They are now steeping lovely in the gin which has turned a gorgeous red colour. Can’t wait until Christmas.


I was rummaging on a book shelf and came across one of my early attempts at photography. This was taken in Symonds Yat, on Black and White film using an SLR. Digital was still early days when I took this. Maximum size of pictures was probably only 2Mb if you were lucky. I was enjoying film photography for quite a while after this before I moved to a Fuji digital bridge camera and more recently a DSLR. Although I don’t use it much now.

I was lucky with circumstances to get the picture with the man pulling the hand ferry across.

One of those perfect moments.

Have a great weekend.

6 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #37-20

  1. wow, what a picture, than snowy landscape, utterly beautiful!

    I am with you on casting on and ripping off, can’t remember the last time that I did not have to rip it out, so now I consider it as part of the normal process 😊

    poor lockdown mum 😜

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  2. There seems to be a bumper crop of sloes this year (some years there are none here). I spotted some great blackberries yesterday too . Looking forward to picking some and making sloe gin and maybe blackberry and apple gin too.


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