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Friday Roundup #38-20

Another week rolls by and we head into autumn. I’ve not noticed trees turning yet, but it will start soon as we move into those reds, browns and russets if this time of the year.

The past week has been busy with work and also a little crafting. One scarf done in a day and the hat is coming on fine. I think the hat may be a yarn chicken type. Joy of joys!

Last weekend I warped the loom on a whim using some yarns from stash. Debbie Bliss Lara is a 52% merino and 42% superfine alpaca blend, a little like roving but with a twist around a thread core. lovely and soft.

I used a variegated brown colour (the one at the front) as weft and a stash yarn of Navia in a black, adding the remainder of the Ystrad wool yarn that I had remaining from the last project.

The warping went quick given I was only doing something 10 inches or so wide. And I was soon weaving away.

It’s like little cobblestones or drystone walls with lichen

This was done in a day, which is always nice as it means you could easily add another warp. I did finish the fringe the next day and it was washed the day after.

As for the hat, I completed the ribbed section this week and moved onto the cable. I’m nearly at the decrease crown section. I think I have one more cable to do though, then I’ll start to decrease. Fingers crossed. No pic at the moment – I’ve been lazy and not taken any.

I was off today, so I added quite a bit to the hat, but I also added a new warp to the loom. Using stash again, this time some Cottolin from a few years back. I’m making some dish towels.

White, yellow and blue stripes.

The weft is just the white colour and has some pickup stick elements. This is a draft from Handwoven in one of their e-books.

Rolling onto the back beam was not without its challenges. The paper that separates the warp and keeps it neat got a bit out of line and chewed up. I could tell I would have tension issues because one side was suddenly longer by 2 inches maybe. It’s very frustrating when this happens. I’ve pulled it back off the back beam whilst I think about what to do.

The issue is in the paper. I’ve asked on IG what others do. Whether they use paper or warping sticks. In the meantime I have ordered some warping sticks as I only have 10 which is not enough to warp the back beam and cover the knots on the front; I need more.

Whilst I was at it, I ordered a 5 dent reed, which will allow me to use up some thick yarn in stash. Gradually, I am making some yarn shaped holes that I can fill with new 😀

Oh, after initially saying she didn’t want the poncho, my Mom has now taken it. I said she didn’t have to, as I had decided I might cut it up and make some cushion covers. Guess I’ll have to make another clasped warp now!

That’s it for now. Have a smashing weekend.

6 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #38-20

  1. love the scarf!
    On separator paper: I don’t remember the width of your loom, but what I like best for my 16″ is this:
    It grips both the back beam and the warp, and I find it great – it is thick though, so if you have a long warp it may not work (this is what I use for scarves).

    So next I bought fridge liners:

    these are quite nice as the warp can’t “eat” in them and it keeps great tension, but they are a bit slippery, so with a warp as wide as the lining you risk the external ends slipping off, and need to put something at the side to stop this.

    However I think this would be the case with any other liner

    I’ve also tried this on the table loom:
    and I am also going to use it on my RHL, as it is much less slippery than the clear liners – indeed the single paint lining paper I think would work well too.

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    1. Thanks for the suggestions. My look is 24 inches wide. I picked up a cheap roller blind today and that seems to be kinda ok although it went off line a little. But the tension was better and no crumpling that consumes yarn faster on one side than the other. I didn’t think of wallpaper lining. If I need something longer than 160cm that might be my option. As long as I don’t do full width. I’m tempted to make something out of warping sticks by stringing them together then it would be the full width.

      Liked by 1 person

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