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Clasped Weft: Last Day

Finally here and off the loom. I managed to get the remainder of the weaving completed this morning whilst I watched Pirates of the Caribbean, the last one. Hemmed, cut from loom and washed too. It’s currently drying before I finish of the ends and trim the tails. Here it is, laid out on the… Continue reading Clasped Weft: Last Day

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Clasped Weft: Day 5 and 6

Yesterday, I managed to get quite a bit done on the scarf on the loom. Day 5 was not so great, although I got about an hour after work on it. Despite needing to do a load of things in town, I think I spent about 2, maybe 3 hours. That probably equals what I… Continue reading Clasped Weft: Day 5 and 6

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Clasped Weft: Day 4

So, not a huge amount of progress today. Left the house at 6.10am and got back 7.30pm, straight to having some dinner then catch up with the other half. Again, I snatched 10 minutes before bed time. As a result, I only moved on about 2 inches, maybe 3. I think I fired a couple… Continue reading Clasped Weft: Day 4

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Clasped Weft: Day 3

Here we are at Day 3. I am about 20 inches or so into this piece and now in the 3rd colour change. As I move through this pairing, I’ll come to the point where I need to switch them over; right to left, left to right. However, because I have staggered the change of… Continue reading Clasped Weft: Day 3

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Clasped Weft: Day 2

I managed to squeeze in another block of time working on the loom today before work, a little at lunch waiting for the soup to heat, and then again tonight. It’s coming in well, I think. I’ve just moved on to the light blue and the next dark shade on the other side. As I… Continue reading Clasped Weft: Day 2