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Clasped Weft: Day 4

So, not a huge amount of progress today. Left the house at 6.10am and got back 7.30pm, straight to having some dinner then catch up with the other half. Again, I snatched 10 minutes before bed time.

As a result, I only moved on about 2 inches, maybe 3. I think I fired a couple off picks though this morning. Seems so long ago and I probably wasn’t fully awake!

Different angle for you today. When I first saw clasped weft, it reminded me of a cityscape of skyscrapers all lit up at night, with stars in the night sky. This angle reminds me of that.

I like the colour shift in this part.

I only wove until the fell was to close to the heddle. This often results in the edges drawing in. Plus, it make it more challenging to pass the shuttle through. At the moment, and fingers crossed it remains this way, the width is holding at 11.5 inches. Once off the loom it will relax a bit without the tension it is under currently.

I did a rough calculation on the finished length this morning. I think it will be around low 70 inches when completed. The warp starts at about 90 inches. The 15 to 20 inches goes on loom waste when cutting it from the loom and fringe, if I add one.

Well, hopefully a good nights sleep and wake refreshed for tomorrow. Unfortunately for me, work starts at 8am tomorrow with a conference call.

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