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Clasped Weft: Day 5 and 6

Yesterday, I managed to get quite a bit done on the scarf on the loom. Day 5 was not so great, although I got about an hour after work on it. Despite needing to do a load of things in town, I think I spent about 2, maybe 3 hours. That probably equals what I had spent across the week. And as a result, I am on the home stretch.

I had intended to post this last night, but Eurovision got in the way. I am not a diehard fan, but we like to see the event, even if we fast forward through a lot of it. The UK came in last, no surprise, although the song didn’t seem any worse than the the winning song from The Netherlands. Both were similar styles, but I digress.

I had finished the post and went to add categories when I hit the bin button by mistake. Problem was, I couldn’t find the post again. It was too late to be rummaging, so I resigned myself to rewrite in morning when I got up.

Today will be getting through to the end of the weavable (is that a word) warp and cut from the loom. I am pleased with my selvedges. They seem to have remained pretty constant. You may be able to see in the pictures above that they don’t wobble about when wound, as in the width of the fabric is consistent.

Here’s to a productive day! Catch you later.

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