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Clasped Weft: Day 2

I managed to squeeze in another block of time working on the loom today before work, a little at lunch waiting for the soup to heat, and then again tonight. It’s coming in well, I think. I’ve just moved on to the light blue and the next dark shade on the other side. As I moved to this next light blue I realised that I had not thought about the shade of the blue yarn being so close to the light blue weft yarn. It’s just blending fully.

Currently about 10 inches done. Another 60 to do, thereabouts.

I’ve not transitioned the colours at the same point. I didn’t want to have clearly defined blocks, so I carried on in the dark blue for about an inch. You can see it more clearly in the picture below. The other half suggested it looked like the recording of an earthquake on a Richter Scale machine. Should I do this again, I thought I could do this as a temperature chart. Each row would be a day of the year. The middle point the 0 degree Celsius mark and the pull of the yarn either side marks the temperature. Of course, here we don’t have the huge swings some of you folks have. Something to think about. I know people that have done a similar thing in knitting.

A couple of things I have realised I need to look out for. Sometimes you get the clasp part (the capture of one warp around the other) a little proud of the fabric. I missed some at the start and I can’t see the underneath, but where I do spot them, I give the yarn in the nearest side a little tug to flatten it.

The other thing is that it’s easier to suddenly pull the clasped weft in too tight at the selvedge. But it’s easily remedied.

I’ll maybe get some more done tomorrow, so stay tuned. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Clasped Weft: Day 2

  1. It looks excellent already!! Recording of an earthquake on a Richter Scale machine is a good description of it. A temperature chart sounds like a novel idea, too. Around here it could vary from below -40C to above +30C.


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