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Friday Roundup #39-20

Well, the glass arrived yesterday - Yay! I resisted the urge to unpack it right away. I was still at work after all! But I had to have a look before I headed off to bed. But I waited to this morning to take some pictures. The box was well protected with lots of green… Continue reading Friday Roundup #39-20

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Friday Roundup #36-20

Bank Holiday Monday’s always throw my week out of whack. And it’s compounded by having a half day on Wednesday and then today a further half furlough day. That said, it does mean I have finished some items off that needed sewing. The first is the houndstooth check scarf. I had placed a hem stitch… Continue reading Friday Roundup #36-20

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Twisting! Twisting!

I finally got around to twisting the fringe for this scarf I made a little while back. Looking back through the images in WordPress, it seems I didn’t share a finished picture. No doubt because technically it wasn’t finished. I’m now wondering if I even blocked it. Probably not, as I would only do that… Continue reading Twisting! Twisting!

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Friday Roundup #26-20

A week of good weather and everyone goes loopy. I get that we have all met challenges with the changes to our lives over the past couple of months. But the craziness of people is astonishing. We went walking yesterday along the coastal path. We chose an early time and found minimal crowds. Along our… Continue reading Friday Roundup #26-20

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WIP Wednesday

So, as you will know from the last post, the loom was warped up again, this time with Paintbox Simply Chunky, a 100% acrylic yarn in colours associated with Hydrangea flowers. The pack I purchased in 2018 is called Vintage Hydrangea. I had completed the first repeat but was getting rectangles rather than squares. I… Continue reading WIP Wednesday