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Twisting! Twisting!

I finally got around to twisting the fringe for this scarf I made a little while back.

Looking back through the images in WordPress, it seems I didn’t share a finished picture. No doubt because technically it wasn’t finished.

I’m now wondering if I even blocked it. Probably not, as I would only do that after deciding how to finish the fringe. Twisted, not twisted or simply hemmed. I guess it can now have a soak.

But here is me twisting the fringe. I do this by hand. You can buy a little machine to do it. Or a hair braiding machine. But, I don’t do many so I’m not wasting money yet.

It takes me about 15 to 20 minutes to do one end of a scarf, so it’s not super long. The video I increased the speed and cut it to 7 minutes as I already had done four braids.

I understand if you dint watch it all 😆 but I thought I would share the process.

I am in a roll this morning. I purchased two needed bracelet kits when on holiday. Finally, I got around to making one of them.

It’s an interesting and relatively simple diversion, although fiddly.

Using one of my weaving pegs to grip the button end.

The kits include the beads, leather cord, waxed cord and a button. Then it’s a case of starting with the button, tying on the wax cord, and adding the beads one by one.

The first part is the hardest, but once you have a few beads locked in place it gets easier.

It fastens by pushing the button through a loop.

When I make the other one, I’m going to check the bead thickness and grade them. This one I noticed has a thinner bead now and then, so the leather cord draws in more. Best to put those thinner beads at either end next time.

Oh, and more jam!

8 thoughts on “Twisting! Twisting!

  1. I really enjoyed watching you twist the fringe. I like to think of it as vicarious crafting. What kind of jam did you make? The bracelet looks really cool. I love how you are always trying new things. You are very inspirational that way.


    1. It is quite calming, methodically working your way across. Glad you enjoyed it 😊 Strawberry again! Half of them from yesterday’s shop were no good for cutting, too overripe or bruised. Thanks for your lovely comment on the bracelet. I can see me picking up more of them to do when you need a break from the usual crafting.


  2. Two projects in one post. What a bargain! I made a similar bracelet to this one but had trouble fastening it around my wrist. I couldn’t pushing the button through the loop with one hand.

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