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Friday Roundup #26-20

A week of good weather and everyone goes loopy. I get that we have all met challenges with the changes to our lives over the past couple of months. But the craziness of people is astonishing.

We went walking yesterday along the coastal path. We chose an early time and found minimal crowds. Along our walk we met maybe 12 people and we or they gave way and walked briskly past each other with distance.

When we got back to the car however, the beach was filling up. You would hope that the period of lockdown would afford people a chance to reflect on what is important in life, however for a large proportion that seems not to be the case, and they slip back into well trodden habits.

Enough said.

And to show how few people we met, here is a beach we came to. This is my idea of the perfect beach.

The whole beach was like this. The smudge along the horizon is the North Devon Coast.

I am about to post some compilation videos of my walks. Hopefully, you’ll find them interesting. Will let you know on here once they are uploaded.


Doing a lot of weaving at the moment. In the summer it is nice to still make a blanket and not have a heavy weight laying across you in 25C heat. Plus it’s quick too.

I had to wait for the additional yarn to arrive, which I did need, or at least some. Two were out of stock, so I am hoping to get happy without ordering more.

I did realise as I was adding the warp, I made an error on the first panel. As I need to join these at the side, from right to left is a sequential pattern of blocks. In my first weave, I started and ended in 4 blue threads. But across the pattern, I only have 2 blue threads. So, when I join, my pattern will now be out.

I have added the warp with just 4 blue on the right, and none at the left, ending on lilac. This will limit the impact of the four thread ps that will be in the centre.

I hope that all makes sense. Maybe I could hem differently and cover up two threads. Thinking cap on.

In the meantime, I have completed on repeat and hemmed the end.

The dark green is waste yarn to spread the warp. My hemming has improved.

New Yarn Arrives

I picked up some new yarn. It’s from Joanna Wood Paints and is Superwash merino to 400m and 4 ply. It’s called Bluebell Forest. You can find her on Etsy.

This will be woven. Most likely into a shawl. I am debating over pickup patterns at the moment.

In other news…

It’s sneaker making day tomorrow. The kit arrived this week and all unpacked, ready to go, as you will have seen from the video post.

I’ll be posting to my Instagram feed as I go, but will do a full recap on the blog also.

Our squirrel visitor popped back for some feed this week. Luckily, I was sat out in the shade, so got a good video of her, at least I think it is a female,

I like the way she stops halfway, almost to check if anyone is looking.

Stay safe everyone.

4 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #26-20

  1. My daughters live in Bournemouth. One of their friends helped do the clean up on the beach after the crowds had gone and, suffice it to say, takeway containers had been used for something other than their original purpose and the owners of beach huts would have been well advised to have a look behind them before settling down for a nice cup of tea. 😱
    I am fascinated by your weaving even though I don’t understand most of the terms. I would be tempted but I can’t possibly take on any more crafts so shall enjoy it vicariously through you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, that’s not nice. Some people seem to lose all sense of common decency or consideration particularly when alcohol is involved. I feel for those that live in those places impacted such as at Bournemouth. We had some similar antics near us in a small coastal village.
      I am pleased to have you join my weaving journey 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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