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WIP Wednesday

So, as you will know from the last post, the loom was warped up again, this time with Paintbox Simply Chunky, a 100% acrylic yarn in colours associated with Hydrangea flowers. The pack I purchased in 2018 is called Vintage Hydrangea.

I had completed the first repeat but was getting rectangles rather than squares. I decided to unpick back to the start and go with four picks of weft instead of six. This worked a great.

Squares. Yay!

I carried on and barring the odd missed warp that I unpicked back to and some challenge towards the end, it was fairly simple and quick. The benefits of a chunky yarn.

Coming of the loom.
It is nice and soft.

And the result is similar to the pattern draft.


The visual effect of squares came out quite well. The red and the pick being the strongest when you focus on a single colour.

I now need to warp the loom again, complete another panel and then whip stitch together to make a complete blanket.

However, I am nervous that I don’t have enough yarn. I should do, if my calculations are correct. But I did order some just in case. Although one of the colours is out of stock 😦 and me being me, I added some WYS yarn and a fat quarters pack. I am weak and have no discipline.

And if I do have enough for another panel, then I can also make further panel or another blanket, maybe just stripes and double weave instead, so I don’t have to whip stitch.

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