A (B)Loomin’ lovely day

I got the loom warped again yesterday.

I have had this yarn for a while now. Some of it has been used to make a patchwork, but I only got to nine squares and I got bored. It was hard work too as I was doing it as Tunisian Crochet and I find it hard on the wrist.

Anyway, I was looking for some chunky or DK yarn in stash for a quick blanket, and came across it. I’ll have to frog the squares, but no great loss. It’s hibernated waaayyy too long.

The colours are a pack called Vintage Hydrangea from Paintbox Yarns. I looked back on my orders from LoveCrafts and it was in 2018. I love the blend of colours. Very deckchair and summery! 🙂

This is the effect I am aiming for.

Although, it’s coming out a little elongated in the weaving; less small squares, more rectangles. I’ve toyed with unpicking, but I have cut the weft for each block, so if I start again as only 4 picks of weft, I’d be cutting yarn again and wasting it. And with it being acrylic, I can’t splice it together again. It should be balanced weave, with the same number of warp per inch as weft per inch. But if I did get it balanced, I wonder if the squares would be too small.

See what I mean?

I am undecided still. Given I am still on the first block, and if I find they still have the colours in stock, I am tempted to unpick.

This is to be a blanket, so I have another panel to weave, but if I buy more of the yarn, I can always weave another panel.

What would you do?

7 thoughts on “A (B)Loomin’ lovely day

  1. I don’t know anything about weaving, though I did have a small toy loom as a child (wasn’t any good at it.) But it is interesting how the weaving comes out rectangular. I have had table cloths with that sort of pattern and square, never counted the strands though.

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      1. No, Knitting and crochet was something my mother did every evening and she taught me. But she was so good it actually put me off doing much until I revisited it when I retired. The loom was a Christmas present from someone but I couldn’t keep the tension correct. My problem with knitting and crochet too!

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