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When life gives you…

Plenty of eggs and all close to end of their shelf life. So, what do you do? Make cake of course. Plus a plate of scrambled egg on toast. 😀

One, deliciously moreish Lemon Drizzle Cake. I didn’t quite have sufficient lemon juice, so I added some Citron which we brought back from France.

As you can see, a full third is gone already. And most of that damage is down to me. 😆 what can I say, I love cake!

I have to say, the sponge came out perfectly, thanks to a quick read of The Domestic Goddess recipe book by Nigella Lawson.

As to crafting, the weave is coming along. Should be off the loom tomorrow.

And, I’ve been busy painting a bedroom. I’ve gone for a blue feature wall and lighter blue remainder. And we’ve got to cut up the carpet in the lounge to reveal the wood floor. I’m over the moon because another room has a parquet floor too, as I discovered when I pulled back another carpet. Happy days.

And to top of the week, I’ve been accepted into @pedddleuk, a platform for a community of makers to sell online at virtual craft fairs. So, this weekend I need to sort out my pages. 🤞 🍀

Have a great weekend.

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