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Today, on the loom…

I added fresh warp to the loom today, after playing around with different drafts. I finally settled on a mix of blocks of the yellow, with trackers of yellow and grey and houndstooth blocks.

In a rare moment of sunshine through the window, I snapped this picture of the warping peg. Lovely and cheerful colours.

Not in direct sunlight and the grey turns this blue-ish colour. This is the same warp, I can assure you.

I’m keeping fingers crossed that the houndstooth comes through in the wash. It’s difficult to compress a cotton warp like you can with a wool yarn. And maintaining an even weave is key for houndstooth pattern. Too loosely to too tightly woven and it’s gone.

There maybe 20inches done today. I took a break to have lunch and ended up watching Die Hard. Then popped out to delivery some stuff to the parents. Home again to cook dinner (we had roast lamb – 😋) then had to trim the OH hair 😬 but I survived. So did his hair! So, not much time for weaving.

Have a good week.

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