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What to do…?

I love this material. It’s a print my parents picked up in Singapore, I think, maybe 30 years ago.

And I don’t know what to do with it.

I’m long gone since the age I could have gotten away with it hanging on a wall. Yet it seems a crime to cut it up.

Suggestions? Otherwise it goes back in a box, which has clearly helped it keeps its vibrancy.

15 thoughts on “What to do…?

  1. This is a tough one. The print is so vibrant, but it is difficult to use in a garment or decorative item. If you want to avoid cutting it up, the best idea I have is to make a woman’s kimono style robe.

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  2. And what interior design police say you can’t put it on a wall? I’d be looking for a small area where it could look like wallpaper, covering it, maybe framed out with a black lacquer-look finished wood. Stunning fabric!

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  3. That is phenomenal. Always think these materials would make nice waistcoat backs (thought perhaps this would be a bit loud for me!) You could use it as a panel but you’ll need some equally luxurious fabrics to stand up against it. Could you hem it into a simple but interesting shape for hanging so it isn’t just a square?

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  4. How big it is? I can tell you how I’d use it if I were still living in Italy: just wrap it around my hips or chest if going to the beach, though from the look of it it may be just
    Otherwise, maybe “chinch” it and wear it as a scarf? It is just that I can’t tell how big it is. I agree that cutting would be paniful!

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      1. ooh, that would definitely do for what in Italy we call a “pareo”, basically like a sarong skirt, but wrapped around the neck. Not sure whether that is your style! BUT, folded over and wrapped around the hips would work for men too, should you enjoy a beach holiday somewhere warm.

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  5. Depending on the size, I agree with the comment above that it would look amazing on the wall set off with a black lacquered frame. I would probably back it with a plain fabric and use it as a throw. A lot depends on your current décor of course.

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  6. I think wrapped within it your love for your parents and I agree cutting would only destroy it and the feelings and meaning you have for it. One option, keep as is and use it on special occasions for you such wrapping in it while relaxing, reading a book, coffee or tea with a friend, etc. Then return to chest for safe keeping. A beautiful piece can be cherished and shared forever! 😊

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