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Friday Roundup #50-20

Some days, especially at the moment, I think we are closer to Christmas than we are. I know it’s not far away. But for some reason, maybe wishful thinking, I had in my head today that it was next weekend.

Possibly and I simply desperate to finish work and drink the last few days of a crappy year away. Bring me wine, champagne, Baileys on ice, Aperol Spritz. I’ll take anything. Add a dash of chocolate to the mix too, please.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been some highlights. And I’m going to save them up for the last post of the year. But I can’t wait to finish work. Only 6 working day’s to go! Whoop whoop!

The other whoop whoop is that I finally finished the weaving that has been on the loom for about six weeks.

I love this part.

Even before a soak it is lovely and soft, and squishy which is no doubt because of the pick up pattern. You can see the difference between the front and reverse above.

From some angles it looks almost solid blue on the reverse, but look at it side on and then you get the red showing through.

I looking forward to seeing how this will change in a soak. At that stage the pickup of the warp will allow the weft to move around and settle. So it could be interesting.

The yarn is a Cashmerino type, so it should stay nice and soft. But first, I have two fringes to twist. I’m going to be busy because there is a lot of fringe to twist.

More pics on Sunday, hopefully. But, I’ll try and get a quick project in before Christmas Day.

5 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #50-20

  1. As usual, Christmas will feel as if it’s been coming for ages but then will suddenly creep up on me at the last minute – especially this year.
    I do admire your weaving and your colour choices.


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