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A Good Stew

When it’s cold, all I want is a good and wholesome stew or casserole.

Here’s one I part cooked yesterday, ready for tonight. It will be finished off with yummy, light dumplings.

Onion segmented and four part crush garlic cloves. Carrot, potato, turnip rough chopped into large pieces, cooked in a knob of butter and some oil.

Stewing steak chopped larger pieces or brought ready cut from butcher, and coat with flour, oregano, salt, pepper and sweet smoked paprika. Seared in butter and oil.

Stir in a tin of chopped tomatoes. Add Beef stock. I put about 1.5 litres of water and two stock cubes. Add veg. In oven for 2 hours to part cook. If cooking to eat for dinner, up to 3 hours, 4 hours or so if you are using bigger cuts such as chunks of rib trim. I put my oven on 140 to 150C (280 to 300F). The longer the cook, the need to watch your veg else they will disintegrate too much. I’ll cut bigger chunks for a longer cook. Sometimes, extra potato chunks so that I can mash up some to make the sauce more thick.

Dumplings will go in 20 or so minutes from end of cooking tonight.

Yum 😋 And I know exactly what’s in this – no extra sugar than what is naturally there except the little in the stock cubes.

Replace some water with a good malty beer if you like to mix it up. Save a bit for yourself 😉

Tonight is Christmas tree decorating, so we’ll be making some mulled wine and putting on Christmas music to get into the Festive groove. Must get some mince pies!

Hope you are all getting festive.

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