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Friday Roundup #51-20

Last but one post from the end of this years round ups. As I right this, the shawl I finished last week is soaking in the bath. Yes, it’s taken me that long to twist the fringe.

It was a close one as one end had a long fringe, and the other I cut too short. Therefore that end defined the length of the fringe. Thankfully, it worked out fine. I hope.

Of course, since writing this last paragraph and watching TV (Only Connect, a frustratingly difficult quizzing game with lots of red herrings)

As an example. Missing Vowels round. See if you can guess this. Clue is Animals and their Owners. Oh, the consonants have been squished randomly, so spaces not in the right places. Fiendish! If you watch the programme, don’t giveaway the answer. 🤫😉


Whilst you puzzle on that, I’ve rolled the blanket to remove excess water and it’s now drying overnight.

I’ve also put up the tree.

And on the second tree, I added some new decorations. All green. I love these birds.

Of course, I’m not meant to buy more decorations but I can’t help myself. Last Sunday we went to a lovely shop in our nearby town and ended up with another handful of decorations. I’m a sucker for little birds.

Have you worked out the answer? I’ll post the answer later today.

4 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #51-20

  1. On the rare occasions I watch Only Connect, I rarely get the answers for this round. Really hard and they go past so quickly. I tried for a few minutes with this one but can’t work it out. Not even sure what I am expecting with ‘Animals and their Owners’.

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