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Friday Roundup #48-20

The past week has been less about craft and more about sorting out new furniture and presents for Christmas.

We’re doing a bit of a mix this year with most being given to charity and the lesser being odd presents.

Our charities are The Dogs Trust. They have done a lot more this year due to homeless people being accommodated in hotels where they may not accept dogs, so the Trust has taken in the dogs for them. COVID has had an impact on everyone, one way or another.

The other charity is the Air Ambulance which supports saving many lives in hard to reach areas at the coast and inland.

Checkout this amazing piece of glass I purchased as a gift. I love it. So beautiful. The blues are gorgeous.

Doing our bit to support independent crafters this year. So important.

As to this weekend I’m going to try and weave. I have yarn on the loom (the one in the main picture) and it’s been there for nearly 4 weeks. And while I was going to do a 3 heddle weave, I just want to get it off the loom. So I’m going to do a single heddle and pickup sticks. Sometimes when you have something going nowhere for a while and you just need to be done with it so you can move on.

Unlike knitting or crochet, you can’t always just pull out another loom like you can with spare needles and hooks.

Watch this space!

But first I’ll be off to buy some furniture.

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