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Friday Roundup #47-20 (Delayed)

You know, I got to last night and was just tired out from work. I thought, I can’t do a post now. Plus, I don’t have much to share.

This week has been one of moving, cleaning, unpacking, cleaning, looking at boxes still to unpack… you get the picture.

And then back to work for three days and catching up from days off! I’m exhausted. Still unpacking to do this weekend 😔

From the lead picture you probably thought it was a crafty post, but unfortunately all my yarn and craft stuff is still packed. This weekend, I hope to be installed in a space to work on things.

It’s one of my very early pieces of weaving. I was trying to sort out my photos on my iPad so I could quickly access FO and WIPs. I really liked how this turned out and plan to do another. This time in a blue variegated yarn.

Blues never come out perfectly

The yarn is WYS sock yarn. I was giving socks ago, inspired by all you lovely fellow bloggers that just make it so easy. These weren’t coming out right and so they have slumbered a looong time. And now they need to be repurposed in weaving. So when I find them, I’ll frog it and reuse.

Although I need to finish what’s on the loom first, before then.

I’ve also got some christmas fabric that needs sewing into a runner and placemats. Time remaining before Christmas is not a lot. 😆 😬

But, I thought I would share with you my breakfast today.

Scrambled Eggs.

Simple and easy, no adornments of parsley sprinkled on top. Although I added a dash of cream to this, I don’t normally.

The trick is slow cooking if the eggs on a low heat, which helps make them creamy on their own.

The eggs are Burford Browns. They are the only eggs I buy, purely because the are free range and also, the yolks are so golden. I’ve only seen them from Clarence Court. They are all a lovely brown coloured shell and when I crack them open and see hat gorgeous rich yolk, I always know I have a delicious breakfast on the way. (This is not a paid ad).

I had a box of six a month back, and every one was a double yolk.

You can’t tell from this picture, but this is a double yolk, not two separate eggs. But look at the colour of those yolks. No insipid yellow here.

Anyway, enough about eggs.

Hope you have a lovely weekend. I’m off to unpack boxes! Wish me luck.

Disclaimer: I have not been paid by Clarence Court and only express my personal views regarding the Burford Brown eggs.

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