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Friday Roundup #46-20

It’s going to be a short post this today. Why? Well everything is up in the air at the moment. Or rather in boxes!

We are at least across the threshold of the new house, although moving in fully on Monday. All very exciting, if exhausting.

Not a lot of crafting taking place this past week. Spinning is pretty much the only stuff unpacked. So, I commenced with a lovely blue colour and have moved onto the green now.

This may just be a two ply yarn. The next three colours in the pack are yellow, orange and red. I feel they belong together.

The final two shades are a black and a dark chocolate brown. I’m a little unsure about those two. I may keep hold of them for combining with another pack, or I could always ply one with another of the hot colours instead. Decisions, decisions!

I’ve seen a lovely blanket on Purl Soho. It’s a easy stitch repeat; just knit and slip. No purling. I do have enough yarn with this Cashmere Merino Silk. But not sure if the stitch pattern will be lost among the colours. They are quite short repeats of colour. The picture below is the yarn and is in crochet granny stitch and I am really on the fence with that. So I will need to swatch the knitting. Once I unpack my needles!

Anyway, that’s it for this week. Busy at work, busy at home. Hopefully I’ll get some crafting time next week.

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