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WIP Whoops

Ok guys. So, what should I do? I’ve crocheted 52 rows and now realise I should have done a block of FPTr instead of FPDTr. This should have started 25 rows back for about 10 or so rows. Whoops!

Option 1: Carry on and modify pattern throughout.

Option 2: Frog back 25 odd rows and correct.

What do you think?

7 thoughts on “WIP Whoops

  1. You have to ask yourself, is it obvious? Is it going to bug you even if it isn’t obvious? There’s not a huge leap in FPTrs and FPDTrs normally. No one is going to see the original and compare the two.

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    1. True. If you don’t know the pattern, then it’s not obvious. I think I will lay it out and look at it now and then today. I’m in no rush. Annoyingly, there were times I wondered why the pattern needed stitches so tall. Probably teach me to where glasses more often when reading patterns.

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  2. Photos would help. Also how far are you into the pattern? If you are only a small way in it might be worth going back but if you are half way might be better to put it down to experience if it looks okay.

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    1. Yes, a blanket. It is tempting. I need to get a different shade of yarn for the next section, so I have time to think and redo if I decide to rip. Going to warp my loom up in the interim. Yarnworker is doing a weave a long.

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