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With many of us in lockdown, or restrictions to how many people can gather in the same place, hobby courses that we may have booked are not running. For instance, I should have been on a Fused Glass course last weekend, but it’s postponed until this pandemic is over and restrictions are lifted.

This weekend I received an email from detailing a selection of crafts that had online tutorials for purchase. One caught my eye; an online Felt Picture course. I was immediately drawn to it because the finished example was so much like a painted picture. Have a look; Bridgette Bernadette Karn.

I am seriously tempted, but I am weighing up the outlay of the course and kit, at just over £100, and time to complete. You need at least 45 hours. However, I do have an extra day off for the next 6 weeks at least. But it got me thinking about other courses available online, here and in the US, as I know many of you are on the other side of the Atlantic. So here is my rundown. Maybe something will catch your eye too.

  • For the budding florist (sorry, bad pun) this course on will take you through the process of creating an amazing centrepiece for your next festive holiday or special occasion. It is not free, but they have a special offer at the moment.
    • Also on is a list of free courses ranging from bakery and drawing to creating a vlog or podcast and much more. Worth a look.
  • On Centre of Excellence there are lots of courses, prices between £95 and £130. The majority of them are Accredited and come with a diploma, so it’s a more serious option. But they cover crochet, embroidery, photography, card making among many other skills.
  • Udemy has quite a few courses in its crafts section, although not as many some others. However, this one caught my attention; Painting on the iPad with Procreate. So, if you have an iPad, the app is £9.99 and the course is £19.99. Mine showed a special offer of £11.99 for the next 5 hours. Udemy is a global courses site, so I am sure you will find this showing in your local currency when you visit.
  • How about homemade bath bombs? There are plenty of Youtube clips. These seem easy to make, require a few ingredients from the shops online, but some you might have in your cupboard. Crane & Canopy have simple and quick video detailing the steps.
  • Are you making cupcakes? Need to fancy them up a bit. Check out this video on YouTube with CakesbyLinz. Make a pretty rose flower icing to top your cupcakes. The channel has loads of other guides for lots of cakes and decorations, so it is worth a look.

So, that is just a few paid and free courses and videos that are available while we endure COVID-19 lockdown.

I shall point out, I am not paid for promoting these, nor have I tried any of the courses. So I cannot comment on quality of course content. Just giving your good folks some ideas to while away the hours. Up to you if you decide to do a course and I cannot be held accountable or liable for any courses.

5 thoughts on “Lockdown Crafting

  1. I love the look of those felting pictures. I don’t know how her courses are set up but I paid a similar amount for the dog portrait course i’m doing and it has been well worth it. There is no set time for mine – there are over 60 video tutorials you can access forever plus an FB group for help and support with the tutor also joining in and offering live help if you’re having a problem.
    I don’t know whether you ever used Craftsy which is now called Blueprint but they are offering all their classes free until 16th April so, if you ever fancied trying something new, it would be a good opportunity. I might have a go at a Tunisian crochet class if I can remember to get round to it before the 16th.

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  2. Me again – just watched her demonstration and it’s completely different to the method i’m doing. There’s no wet felting involved with the dog portraits. She achieves beautiful effects doesn’t she? It’s much more ‘painterly’. I’d be tempted if I were you – are there any recommendations you can read or students’ work you can see?

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