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Friday Roundup #14-20

It has been a busy week as we prepare to reduce down to a core team in our business, while others go on to furlough. I would never had imagined this situation affecting so many people. When we emerge the other side of this pandemic, I am sure there will be changes to how we work and travel for business that will linger for a long time.

I would like to think people will change their view of our up impact on the world and bring people together through a shared experience. But whether it sticks is another matter.

We have been out for a walk on all bar one day. The weather has been great. Dry, sunny although sometimes cold. Apparently, it is meant to improve and warm up next week. Here are a few photos for your viewing pleasure.

Fields of gold
Carpets of wood anemones
And banks of violets

We are off on a walk tomorrow too. I’ve plotted a 7-mile route around our nearby lanes, fields and woodlands. Hopefully my feet and legs will hold out!

As to crochet, my blanket is slowly growing. As you will see from the picture, there is a clump of spilled yarn. I just ripped back two rows. 😦

What I was crocheting and the pattern were not matching up. What probably happened is, I started a row, then the pattern slipped down without me realising, and I carried on reading a different row. So, when I came to the next but one row, it just didn’t read right. Of course, I immediately thought the pattern was wrong, rather than my work. But, 98% of the time it is usually not the pattern 🙂

Here you can see the reverse. Each row forms layers, like gills of a mushroom. This makes it quite thick, which is why the pattern suggests lightweight yarn. The pattern is staring to come together now as I move onto the second repeat section. This will complete a full section. I shall get back to it in the morning after a bit of yoga and breakfast.

For now, I think I had better get some sleep, preparing my body for Saturdays exertions. I hope you are all staying safe and well, supporting each other and finding things to focus energy on.

5 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #14-20

  1. You’re lucky to be able to walk so far – here in France we’re limited to a 1km radius of the house for exercise.
    I am confused as to which is the right side of the crochet piece – I love the ‘gills’ so hoping that’s the right side.

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