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Friday Roundup #15-20

Well, I have been thinking about whether to frog or not to frog the blanket back 25 rows. I’ve looked at it now and then and read your views kindly left. And tonight, I looked at it and compared to the picture.

While I could carry on, my only concern is remembering what I need to do for each repeat. I even start doubting myself now. I also see differences between my version and the picture. My shapes are longer and the form of the shapes is not quite right.

So, I am probably going to frog back. I feel more comfortable doing that, despite a loss of time worked on the blanket. I’ve also ordered a new shade for the middle and a couple of extra balls because I have made this slightly wider. Watch for updates.

Whilst I am waiting, I was to warp the loom, but the Weave-Along doesn’t start for 10 days, so I shall wait and instead knit up something else. I only need something quick. I have a ball of Sublime yarn made of Merino in a lovely variegation.

Not the best picture.

I’ll look for a pattern in the morning. Shopping is first on my list tomorrow. I made some Rhubarb Crumble this week. It was slightly more browned than I would have liked, but it was still delicious.

I might pick up some more rhubarb. I still want to make an upside down cake. If I can find some baking powder or self raising flour. We also walked each day, taking in this lovely weather on our allotted once a day outdoor exercise. Fields around are peppered with little lambs bleating for their mothers or playing with other lambs. Here are a couple of cuties.

Lovely mackerel sky.

More walking this weekend. Hopefully, it’s taking a couple of kilos off me. Although the chocolate egg probably won’t help matters 🙂

Enjoy the weekend, stay safe and well.

3 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #15-20

  1. I like hearing your thought processes on knitting the blanket. In the end you made the choice that works best for you. And after all, what’s the price of a little extra time in the grand scheme of things?

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