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Friday Roundup #41-19

These weeks just seem to flying by. It is probably not helped when you are away for two nights on work/socialising/networking at a corporate event. I really did wake this morning thinking it was Thursday. So, I guess it’s quite nice in that respect to be reminded it is a Friday.

I did all my crochet at the weekend and I knew there was no hope of doing anything when away. I did think about it, it I knew it would be late nights and besides, my suitcase was packed full.

But at least my blanket is finished. I ripped the edging right back to the start and did single crochet (US) on the sides and Double crochet (US) along the bottom. This meant the two ends matched. The issue with No Beginning Chain starts are large loops, so you have to replicate the stitch pattern across that start to tidy it up. As it turned out I have some leftover yarn and no need to buy anymore.

I am happy with how it looks but there is a but. It was only when I was doing the edging along the bottom or starting chain that I noticed I had not done the correct number of clusters on on side of a ripple. And so looking back I realised it had started right near the beginning 😦

I find it difficult to believe that I completely missed this basic error. Because this is a mindless project, you don’t really count. Clearly I should have done at the start!! Oh well, it was never a giveaway blanket, so it just fine at home. It’s going in the wash tomorrow to get a bit softer. I think I mentioned before that the yarn can be a little coarse,

I did no sewing in of ends. All have been wrapped in the edging and most had a good 4 inches and therefore travel a fair distanced under the singles. Threading boucle yarn to a needle ain’t fun.

As to other projects, I think I need a couple of small and quick ones in knitting, crochet or weaving. But I do need to start my French lessons. I purchased Rosetta Stone a few years back, then had lessons for a while and then left it. Not good. And then I got an email from them offering 52 lessons online with a tutor for £99. Essentially a third or thereabouts of the normal cost. So, I do need to start these as I brought them back in the summer holiday, ironically when I was in France.

I have one last picture for you. This one from last night. She was looking for a cosy place to lie down and snooze before I put her to bed downstairs. Clearly this now non-ball of yarn presented something ideal. If there had been a sock in the floor, she would have cosied on to that instead.

Cute but stupid… nah, just cute.

So that is all this week for the Roundup.

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