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Friday Roundup #42-19

Whilst I haven’t done any yarn work this week, I have tried to sort out some of my yarn stash which has become spread across the house due to the move. So, I now have a cupboard full of yarn and recognise why I had to go cold turkey and stopping being lured by some bright colour or super soft yarn.

I seriously have more than enough and need to crack on with using some of it up. That may be Sunday’s job, getting the scarf on the hook, if I can just find the yarn I plan to use for it. It’s in this mass somewhere.

However, tomorrow’s crafty activity is completely non-yarn. I had my CraftCourses vouchers waiting to be used up still. And time is ticking because they expire at the end of the year.

My beginning of the year project was my high-top sneakers. You can read about that here. The idea was to use the voucher up, or part of it, but the place offering the course didn’t accept these vouchers, but I wanted to still go and make a pair of sneakers, so I forked out for it.

So last weekend I sat at breakfast searching for something to book and use up my vouchers. And I landed on a taster course (one day only) in Fused Glass and Stained Glass. I’m quite excited as it is very different. During the day you make two coasters and one stained glass window light.

I searched online for some ideas of what design I might do and also watched some videos. I had no idea you could do this sort of thing at home with a microwave and a ceramic type of kiln that you place inside the microwave. Amazing to think with the kiln, that your home microwave can be used to heat something to 900C and melt glass. While I am not going out to buy a little kiln, we shall see tomorrow how my attempt goes on the taster day.

The remaining voucher I have out towards a Stitchless Bag day. It’s the same tutor as for the sneakers. That one is in November. These makes will likely end up being gifts for Christmas. Unless I really like the coasters or the window glass and then I may be selfish and keep one of them.

Next weekend I’ll hopefully have something to show for my efforts,

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