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Always time for Devon

I had planned to post these pictures Friday, but unfortunately I didn’t have them on my iPad, and just couldn’t be bothered to go downstairs again. It would have bothered the dog.

Our Devon trip was last weekend, and we had a lovely time with great weather and a trip to the beach. So here are some pictures.

This is Torcross. It is a pebble beach, but you can get a lot of space around you, if you walk a little. Most people congregate down near the restaurant and pubs.

The beach was used in the preparations for the Normandy landings. The villagers were evacuated during the practice. Located in the car park there is a tank recovered from the sea.

There are three car parks; one at each end of the 3-mile stretch, and one in the middle. The beach is constantly battered in any storms and at the moment, the pebbles have been washed away leaving a more sandy beach. The pebbles will come back soon.

The colours here are so vibrant and would be great in a gradient yarn

If you are ever in Devon, it’s worth making a trip here, to just sit on the beach, walk along it or visit Slapton Ley Field Centre and learn about the nature of the beach and the fresh water Ley, located behind the beach, separated by the shingle bank and road.

This next picture is close to where I used to live and is typical of the estuary landscape here. I is just one of many inlets (or flooded river valley from tidal waters). This is when it looks most picturesque. Once the tide goes out, it is less attractive due to the silt mud layers, but they do attract lots of birds.

Hopefully, I will be back down there again soon.

Have a great week.

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