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Friday Roundup #23-19

Another week slips by, a slip up or two in crochet, and unfortunately not a lot of crochet either.

This is caused by being away for two days on work with zero solitary company. Alright, there may have been some gin and tonic involved as part of work socialising and dinner. Which I know is not conducive to crochet. And regardless, no crochet with me.

Last weekend I was in Devon and after having a lovely meal out and wine of course, I picked up the crochet. Needless to say I kept falling asleep. Anyway, next day I started the next round and suddenly noticed I had missed out a petal in one of the flowers. “Darn it!” I thought (you know that wasn’t exactly what I thought or said 😉 ). Looking back along that round I suddenly spotted about 6 flowers that were incomplete.

Yep! I think that each time I nodded off, crochet in hand and mid stitch, I woke and just moved to the next flower. Stupid me. Lesson learnt. I had to completely redo most of that round.

As to my work trip, that was to Amsterdam, and part of the visit included a tour to see the windmills and a cheese factory. The windmill we visited was only built in 2007 and was created to show the old practices still worked. In this one they saw trees into planks using just wind power. The windmill is the one in the background.

So, I am about a quarter complete in the pattern. Still much to do and a long way to go. I am setting myself an end of June target date for completion, so I had better pull my socks up and get cracking.

That yellow and grey colour is a fabrication of the camera. It’s more white and violet than shown

I am liking the colours now (the actual ones, not the poor lighting ones above) as I am getting more out of the pattern. Looking forward to seeing it all complete and blocked.

So, tomorrow is get some more rounds completed, dog to the vets (urinary infection I think), tomatoes planted in a grow bag and dinner out. Pretty full on!

Have a lovely day whatever you are doing.

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