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Friday Roundup #21-19

You might think I have lost my marbles or found a time machine. For those eagle eyed ones, this should be #22 but it’s #21. Only because I put the wrong number against last weeks! I am a bit OCD about order. Even my washing on the line; each item where 2 or more pegs are needed, must have the same colour pegs! Anyway, enough about weird quirks… so this is technically #22. Clear as mud?

OMG! I am loving my new purchases. I know I shouldn’t, but I was weak about 6 weeks ago. It was when I was working on the virus shawl and I wasn’t overly keen in how the colours were coming through. So I landed on the Wollium site, a German manufacturer of yarn. I have used them before for the Sunrise Shawl.

I love the colour transitions and so vibrant

I liked working with the yarn, so I knew if I got the right mix of shades, I would love the result. You need to know that this is it not a plied yarn, but separate threads. And there will be little knots where the new shade takes over from the previous. This is how they get the lovely blends. I find it easy to work regardless. Anyway, as I said, I am in love with my new yarn cakes. The first is probably more what I was aiming for. This is called Ostseestrand – translates to Baltic Beach according Google.

Reminds me of rock pools.

I love the shift from the light blue, almost ice like, to the sandy colour. Looking forward to this and I have 1000 metres, so it should be a decent size shawl.

The next one, in my view, is even better. I am a sucker for the dark blues through purples and this one has a thread of glitter running throughout. It is called Glitzerling Blue Sea. I don’t think it needs translation. Although when I saw it I thought the lighter blue was the sea and the darker shade was more like the night sky. The glitter being little stars of the Milky Way.

Love this yarn!

This will call for a special shawl pattern, so I shall be on Ravelry. I also have some beads, which might make their way in to it. Stay tuned to see what patterns I uncover for these two. Aren’t they just gorgeous? I’m hoping that it’s glitter will come through when made up. Gradient yarns can often look stunning in the ball, but come to nothing when knit/crochet up.

Onto WIPs, Lost Garden is coming on slowly. I think as it grows, it will blend more effectively than at the moment. It really is a pattern you need to read, just in case you miss something and end up frogging. I didn’t get a whole lot done at the weekend, so I am hoping this weekend will be better. No pic, maybe Sunday.

And finally, nature. We went for a walk around Southerndown and Dunraven and although it was rather windy, it was clear and bright, as you can see. I love the coast most times, but when it is windy, it is so much more interesting and dynamic.

Really need to walk along here more often

As you will have seen from last week my pic of the Byzantine Gladiolus – it works lovely in a vase.

Hope you are all having a lovely time working on your WIPs. Best wishes for the weekend,

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