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Friday Roundup #22-19

It’s hard to believe that it has been a full year since I first started posting. On the 24th May last year, I was sat in a hotel room on business, deciding I was going to write a blog. I had some grand ideas of what kind of blog it would be. And there are many of those ideas still to be realised; one day! So after writing 38,633 words across 102 posts and 1048 views, we come full circle to the day on a Friday Roundup.

One of the things you soon realise when blogging, is what a fantastic community of like minded people there is, just doing the same as you. Sharing their thoughts, ideas, passion for their hobby or job in some cases, or simple musings on something that happened that day. I am honoured that 38 of you felt you like what I am writing about enough to follow me.

Thank you! And here’s to the next 12 months.

But, on to other news, other that a trip to the Big Smoke, aka London, I have been at home the remainder of this week, so I have been able to make a start on the Lost Garden blanket. I am learning a few things such as standing double crochet; never seen that stitch before, so off to YouTube to check out some videos.

Big projects like this are great at the start, as the small size means rounds go quite quickly. But once you get to close to final size, every round seems to go on forever. However, I am hoping that the stitch changes for each row will help keep my interest piqued. This is being made for a niece for her dorm room. It may be extravagant for that, but she likes mandalas and hopefully she will keep this blanket for many years. I know there is a mandala pattern, but I quite like this one.

There have been the odd errors in working through this. I even did a whole round then realised I had not worked what the instructions had said. Out that round came. I think I needed up having to make a magic knot in that round, because I had cut the yarn. The Stylecraft yarn is ok to work with, but I do find it splits easily. Otherwise, progress is reasonable.

As to my previous project, I finished off the remaining little bits on the scarf. I’m calling it Seismic Blues. It seemed appropriate for the colours and the pattern. It’s lovely and soft and am sure it will end up as a gift for someone. The final dimensions are 12in wide by 5 1/2 ft long and in total I used about 300g of yarn. I’ll be posting detail of the draft to my Ravelry page.

This weekend we have friends visiting, so I doubt I will get much done crochet-wise. But I may take it with me on business, for when I am sat in my hotel room. Hopefully I shall catch up by next weekend.

I have a few pictures for you, from the garden where the we have purples and magenta ruling at the moment.

From the left, Granny’s Bonnet (Aquilegia), Byzantine Gladioli, and some unknown clematis possibly Etoile The middle one can be a bit of a thug in the garden and comes up everywhere. It’s lovely for a couple of weeks, then it’s just green spikes.

That’s all for now. Have a fab weekend.

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