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Things I love about crochet

I was thinking about this over the past few days and thought I would post my thoughts and perhaps see what are your favourite things.

  1. Variety: There is so much you can make with crochet. From gloves to hats, scarfs to shawls, blankets to jumpers and so much more in between. I look about my house and see the numerous blankets made to keep us warm in winter or on the autumn nights when you don’t quite need the heating on. And then the hats, hand warmers and scarfs that have kept me warm on many a dog walk in winter.
  2. Delicacy: That you can take a fine, lace weight yarn and turn it into some so special and delicate. Whether it’s a lacy shawl or a finely patterned top, we can make items that can look amazing and lift simple clothes to a new level.
  3. Repetitiveness: You might think this could be a negative, but sometimes, all you want is something mindless to occupy your hands and let your brain chill out and focus on nothing special. It sure can help you to relax. There have been times that this repetition has lulled me to sleep fullness. It must be to do with the hypnotic rhythm of the hook and yarn making those little stitches.
  4. Challenges: Linked to point 2, sometimes we need the challenge to make items of clothing that through their intricate delicacy present a pattern that can turn our brains inside out, require concentration and can maybe result in a row or two of frogging. The end result is always worth the effort.
  5. Community: Places such a blogging and Ravelry, where we can come together as a community with one passion; to turn something as simple as yarn in to clothing or household items. Places where we can share the highs of the FO and lows of that piece of work that has caused us to put it in a corner like a naughty child. Leaving it to hibernate there until we feel able to confront it again.

So there you have it. Five things I love about crochet.

What things do you love about crochet? Put them in the comments if you like.

Disclaimer: the image at the start of this post is not my own, but sourced from Pixabay, a free to use image hosting site.

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